Trusting the Moment
Unlocking Your Creativity and Imagination

A Handbook for individual and group work

by Jeannie Lindheim

Trusting the Moment is for individuals and people who work creatively with people: Coaches, Teachers, Facilitators, People in the Helping Professions, Therapists, Directors, Actors, Retreat Directors, Drama, Art, Music & Creative Writing Teachers, Youth Leaders, Artists, Dancers, Writers and People who like to have FUN.

Part 1:    The Art of Group Leadership
Part 2:   50 exercises for Creativity

I believe that this book is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to read it. 
— Susan Dibble, Chair, Theater Arts Department, Brandeis University If experience is the best teacher, then Jeannie Lindheim is the next best thing — a teacher who has created 50 powerful experiences that help people learn how to be fully alive, compassionate, courageous, creative human beings. This book is a goldmine of ideas for anyone interested in the burgeoning field of experiential education. I recommend it enthusiastically!
— Richard Borofsky, Clinical psychologist, Co-founder of the Center for the Study of Relationship What a lovely, eclectic cookbook for learning to live more creatively in the here and now.
— Stephen Snow, Ph.D., RDT-BCT, Chair, Department of Creative Arts Therapies, Concordia University, Montreal, Co-Founder, The Centre for the Arts in Human Development Read more endorsements for Trusting the Moment.

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Title: Trusting the Moment: Unlocking Your Creativity and Imagination
Author: Jeannie Lindheim
Publisher: Satya House Publications
ISBN: 978-1-9358740-0-3
Pages: 256
Pub. Date: March 1, 2011
Price: $19.95
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Trusting the Moment by Jeannie Lindheim

Jeannie Lindheim