Note from Jeannie

What I love

I love creativity. I love imagination. As a little girl, I had 63 stuffed animals and we had meetings every Sunday night to discuss important things. Each animal had a different voice. No wonder I went into theater when I grew up!


I wanted an image for the cover of the book that would capture the essence of creativity. One day while I was driving in Boston, one silky feather from a milkweed plant floated by my face. For some reason, I thought of stardust. Stardust is the essence of what creativity is to me. It fills you with wonder, amazement and excitement. So a bit of stardust is on the cover of the book.

How you feel when you are creative

I ask my friends, how do you feel when you are creative? I love their responses: you enter a zone, time disappears, you feel expansive, you fly, you use every part of you, it touches your soul, whimsical, free, in flow, alive, in the present moment, it takes you by surprise are some wonderful responses I receive.

And… when did I begin writing this book?

When we are creative, we risk, explore, and fall in love with the process. And this book is a 28-year process. Process sometimes takes a bit longer than we think. I am teaching a workshop at Boston University in 1983. The man who hires me comes up to me afterwards and says, “Oh, you must write a book about what you teach.” Sure, I thought. I have two babies at home. But something about what he says excites me. I start writing the book at their nap times. Then I put the beginnings of the book in the basement. Every few years, I add to the book. Twenty-eight years later, after many re-writes, I decide that it’s time to find a wonderful publisher. I love process and trusted that when the book was ready, I would be too. Basically creativity and unlocking your imagination are timeless.

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